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Custom allocators in Rust

Lately I have been looking into custom allocators in the Rust. Recent internet chatter about the Zig programming language has brought allocators back to my attention, but custom allocators are an old topic. I remember playing with that a long while back in my C++ days after watching a talk …

Lyon 1.0

I am happy to finally announce the symbolic release of lyon 1.0.0.

lyon is a Rust crate providing a number of functionalities related to vector graphics and rendering them using polygon tessellation. The most interesting and complex piece is lyon_tessellation's fill tessellator which produces a triangle mesh …

Improving texture atlas allocation in WebRender

Lately I have been working on improving texture atlas allocation in WebRender. It isn't an outstanding technical feat, but the journey towards achieving this goal was quite pleasant.

This is a longer version of the piece I published in the mozilla gfx team blog where I focus on the atlas …

A new tessellator

This post is about lyon, a rust crate to tessellate arbitrary 2D shapes into triangle meshes that can be easily rendered on the GPU.

crate doc

About a year ago, in the lyon in 2018 post on this blog, I mentioned that I was working on a complete rewrite of lyon's central …

A look at pathfinder

This post is about pathfinder, a GPU vector graphics renderer written in Rust by Patrick Walton as part of his work in the emerging technologies team at Mozilla. While I have followed this work very closely, I have contributed very little code to pathfinder so the credit really goes to …

Lyon in 2018

crate doc

About a year ago I published "Introduction to lyon: 2D vector graphics rendering on the GPU in rust" on this blog. Lyon was in version 0.8.8 back then and I recently published 0.13.0.

In 2018 my activity on the project has varied depending on the time …

2d graphics in Rust discussion - A look at GPU memory management

In this post I'll write about an piece of the low level details of an hypothetical rust 2d graphics crate built on top of gfx-hal. Gfx provides a vulkan-like interface implemented on top of vulkan, d3d12, metal or flavors of OpenGL. just like the previous post this is in the …

Following up on the 2d graphics in Rust discussion

Raph Levien recently published A crate I want: 2d graphics on his blog, which started some interesting discussions on reddit. At the same time there is a nascent discussion on the draw2d repository (which doesn't have any code at this point) about a potential 2d graphics crate.

These discussions contain …

RustFest Paris - Part 2 - Path rendering challenges

This is the second part of a series about the talk I gave at RustFest Paris about lyon, a crate that helps you render vector graphics on the GPU in Rust.

The recordings can be found here or on YouTube if you prefer.

Previous episode:

The problem …

RustFest Paris - Part 1 - Intro

RustFest organizer: "Are you ready?"

Me: "Almost."

(reinstalling Xorg on my laptop 20 minutes before the talk because the window manager would not start)

I gave a talk about lyon at RustFest Paris.

The recordings are already online, so you can watch it here or on YouTube if you prefer …

Introduction to lyon: 2D vector graphics rendering on the GPU in rust

crate doc

Lyon is a side-project that I have been working on for quite a while. The goal is to play with rendering 2D vector graphics on the GPU, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I haven't talked a lot about it online (except for a couple of reddit …

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