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A new tessellator

This post is about lyon, a rust crate to tessellate arbitrary 2D shapes into triangle meshes that can be easily rendered on the GPU.

crate doc

About a year ago, in the lyon in 2018 post on this blog, I mentioned that I was working on a complete rewrite of lyon's central …

A look at pathfinder

This post is about pathfinder, a GPU vector graphics renderer written in Rust by Patrick Walton as part of his work in the emerging technologies team at Mozilla. While I have followed this work very closely, I have contributed very little code to pathfinder so the credit really goes to …

Lyon in 2018

crate doc

About a year ago I published "Introduction to lyon: 2D vector graphics rendering on the GPU in rust" on this blog. Lyon was in version 0.8.8 back then and I recently published 0.13.0.

In 2018 my activity on the project has varied depending on the time …

2d graphics in Rust discussion - A look at GPU memory management

In this post I'll write about an piece of the low level details of an hypothetical rust 2d graphics crate built on top of gfx-hal. Gfx provides a vulkan-like interface implemented on top of vulkan, d3d12, metal or flavors of OpenGL. just like the previous post this is in the …

Following up on the 2d graphics in Rust discussion

Raph Levien recently published A crate I want: 2d graphics on his blog, which started some interesting discussions on reddit. At the same time there is a nascent discussion on the draw2d repository (which doesn't have any code at this point) about a potential 2d graphics crate.

These discussions contain …

RustFest Paris - Part 2 - Path rendering challenges

This is the second part of a series about the talk I gave at RustFest Paris about lyon, a crate that helps you render vector graphics on the GPU in Rust.

The recordings can be found here or on YouTube if you prefer.

Previous episode:

The problem …

RustFest Paris - Part 1 - Intro

RustFest organizer: "Are you ready?"

Me: "Almost."

(reinstalling Xorg on my laptop 20 minutes before the talk because the window manager would not start)

I gave a talk about lyon at RustFest Paris.

The recordings are already online, so you can watch it here or on YouTube if you prefer …

Introduction to lyon: 2D vector graphics rendering on the GPU in rust

crate doc

Lyon is a side-project that I have been working on for quite a while. The goal is to play with rendering 2D vector graphics on the GPU, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I haven't talked a lot about it online (except for a couple of reddit …

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